RHP Reservoir / Filler Neck Cap & Bung

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RHP Billet CNC Aluminum Reservoir or Filler Neck Cap & Bung are made with functionality & strength in mind. The Caps are made with a vent hole in the cap to release pressure and are offer in RAW Aluminum or Anodized Black. The Cap and Bung has a thread size/pitch of 1-1/2”-12 and are sealed up with a thick rubber O-ring. The Bungs have a recessed lip with stepped down design, providing a larger holding area for stronger welds and easy mock-up preventing misalignment / fitment issues. Our caps have the RHP Logo Laser Etched instead of a cheesy sticker like other competitors and the quality shows!!!

  • Female Bung has recessed lip for ease of hole alignment
  • Pressure Relief Vent Hole in Cap
  • Thread Size/Pitch: 1-1/2”-12
  • Bung Recessed Stepped Lip Size: OD 1-25/32” or 1.781” inches
  • Bung Shoulder Outer Diameter Size: 1.978” or 50.25mm
  • Offered Cap Color in RAW Aluminum or Anodized Black
  • CNC Billet Aluminum
  • Laser Etched Logo
  • Made in the USA!!!