DEI Heat Screen 36in x 40in - Mylar Radiant Glass Fiber Matting w/Adhesive Backing

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Heat Screen(TM) solves the problem of heat from engines and exhaust intruding into interiors and components. Heat Screen(TM) offers an excellent way to reflect radiant heat away from a vehicle's interior and because it's flexible and can be trimmed-to-size to protect against excessive heat sources. Constructed of a high temperature resistant fiberglass material, and with a thickness of only .060 in., Heat Screen(TM) features a thermal barrier on one side made of a superior reflective aluminized mylar surface, capable of withstanding direct heat up to 1200F. Heat Screen(TM) can be used to protect areas where excessive heat can blister paint, where exhaust pipes run close to the fuel tank, and has many other applications including floorboards, body panels, and under carpeting. DEI's Cool Tape(TM) is ideal for sealing and covering seams. Excellent protection for painted surfaces Withstands 1200F of direct heat Can be secured with adhesive or fasteners Trim to desired length DO NOT apply directly to exhaust components.