RHP 92-00 Civic Hatchback Drag Racing Oil Catch Can-V1

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Civic Oil Catch Can Options:

Front-wheel drive drag racing has evolved and so has the parts being manufactured, with a lot of Civic oil catch cans normally are placed where the OEM Battery normally sits this could be a danger to you & your investment. Especially with the K-Swapped cars that the exhaust routed right by the oil catch can, which if leaking or overflowing it could start or cause a fire in your engine bay. Well RHP has fabricated a solution that takes the oil catch can out of the engine bay relocating the oil catch can into
the rear of the interior where the OEM spare tire would be mounted. Our oil catch can utilizes 4x -10an bungs for the inlet, has a 2in vent pipe to vent to the atmosphere, and a -6an for the drain that can be drained without removing the can in between rounds. These oil catch can with 1/8in thick 5052 Aluminum, unlike our competitors using thickness of 1/16 & smaller to make their cans which can dent or buckle very easily. Also RHP’s oil catch can is designed to allow oil to flow to drain, has baffling to prevent slosh as well as to separate the vent chamber from the inlet chamber. Customer’s must drill their own holes as some chassis may have been modified for AWD or modified, this way the customer can drill the proper size hole or slot that is needed to secure oil catch can to chassis. Also this oil catch can be mounted in multiple location if customer does not want to mount at spare tire location, making it a universal product which may be able to be mounted in other vehicles.

  • Utilizes 4x -10an bungs for the inlet ports, 1x -6an for oil drain, and a 2 inch vent pipe
  • Can be drained without removing Oil Catch Can
  • Made from 5052 Aluminum that is .125 or 1/8in thick
  • Designed to be Mounted at OE Spare tire location
  • Designed for 92-00 Civic Hatchbacks but can but utilized in other application or locations
  • Includes Vent Plate to vent to atmosphere
  • AN lines is NOT included with oil catch can
  • Customer MUST drill their own mounting holes
  • Dimensions of Oil Catch Can: L- 16in x 12 ¼ in x H- 12in
  • Bolt mounting holes can be drilled at customer’s request or customer can drill their own mounting holes.
  • Made in the USA!!!

Options for Civic Oil Catch Can:

2x Universal -10an Firewall Bulkhead fitting plate- Allows you to disconnect AN lines at firewall to make it easier for removing & reinstalling engine into vehicle. Dimensions of Plate- 3 inch x 4 ¼ inch. Bolt mounting holes can be drilled at customer’s request or customer can drill their own mounting holes. (Price + $50)

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