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Bringing the Carolina’s Direct Access to over 100 different Auction-houses in Japan to bring our customer’s only 100% Federally Legal JDM Vehicles & Parts!!

Racehead Performance offers 2 ways to buy a Right-Hand Drive Imported Vehicle from Japan

• The 1st way is to purchase one of our vehicles from our Current Inventory, to View our Current Inventory Please click here
• And the 2nd way to purchase a vehicle that was imported by Racehead Performance LLC is to have the customer to be a part of the car buying experience by Choosing a certain vehicle from a lineup of all the cars that match our customer expectations to choose from and then we start the bidding begin from there.


Have you ever wanted a skyline or any other car from Japan for that matter, and told yourself growing up that when you were older you were going to buy that one particular car? Well if you really want a right hand drive high performance sports car from Japan, then you are at the right place. Racehead Performance bring you the customer Direct Access to over 100 different auction houses in Japan. The “Importing Process” takes anywhere up to 2-3 months to complete the whole process to get the vehicle shipped here and to finalize all the paperwork to make it federally legal here in the United States.

Give us a Call for more details on our Inventory or what might be coming in on our next shipment!! 

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