FAQ's on imported cars

Any car that is 25 years or older can be Imported unless the DOT/EPA/GOV’T has banned the vehicle.

No matter what vehicle it is, if it is not 25 years or older then it is not eliglible for importing under the 25 year old rule.

All car that Racehead Performance imports come with an IAAA(International Automotive Appraisers Association) Appraisal to show our customer’s that they are not overpaying for a vehicle and to give our customer’s the greatest car buying experience. The appraisal can help when it comes to get financing or to show the value of the car to your insurance, if for some reason your car get totaled out from an accident.

A: What these website’s don’t state is that there are shipping cost and Customs/Importing fees from our government that we have no control of what they are or the amount. Not just anyone can import a car you must be a Registered Importer, which can cost a lot money plus you must meet certain requirements to be able to become a Registered Importer.

If you get caught owning or selling a “Grey-Market Car”, your car could be seized by the government and forced to be crushed or exported. On top of all of that, it could lead up in Jail serving up to 25 years and fines all the way up to $150,000 for just owning a car. With a 100% Fed Legal car you don’t have to worry about no one ever coming & knocking on your door about the car that you had imported to US. Is saving the couple extra thousand dollar’s worth risking going to jail and losing the car that you paid your hardworking money on?

Under the DOT 25 year old exempt rule & the EPA 21 year old exempt rule, the government will never come to try to seize your vehicle. Your vehicle will be 100% Federally imported legally into USA.

All cars legally imported come with Customs release documentation, HS-7 form(DOT), 3520-1 form(EPA) and all documentation that goes with the vehicle to prove that it is 100% federally legal. Thus why our vin numbers on our titles match exactly to the VIN plate not by adding a bunch of zero to make a new VIN #.

If you don’t see a car that you are interested in just email us at sales@raceheadperformance.com. We will get back to you within 24 hours receiving your email.

If you see a car that we don’t have in stock, well we also source out vehicles in Japan and allow the customer be a part of the buying process. Which mean if the customer will be able to see what cars are up for auction that day, to decide if that is the right car for them or not. We make the car buying process easy because we take all the worrying out of the process, we have a team of staff that live in Japan that actually goes to the auctions and visually inspect the cars for rust, hidden damage, or any mechanical issues with the drivetrain. If you like then we would place the bid for you and see if we win the bid or not. To see more details on the process on how to source a car out from Japan, go to “How it works” tab under JDM vehicles tab.

All cars that Racehead Performance imports comes with a NC title, Custom release documentation, HS-7 form(DOT), 3520-1 form(EPA) and all documentation that goes with the vehicle to prove that it is 100% federally legal. Plus every car comes with an IAAA Appraisal.

No they do not come with any warranty because of the age of the vehicle but any minor issues will be noted on vehicle description page. All cars are “sold as is” and if the customer runs into any issue we are willing to help source out the parts from Japan if needed. Customer can also feel free to bring your mechanic to fully inspect the cars to give our customer piece of mind that they are getting a great car inside and out.

We do not offer in-house financing but do offer financing arrangements thru J.J.Best Banc & Co. and a couple other banks that specialize in financing cars imported to the USA. Sometimes it is hard to get a car loan from your personal bank because of the simple fact of the bank, doesn’t have a way to look up the car’s value thru NADA or KBB. This is why we offer these financing options to our customer’s to make the buying process that much easier. Please go to our Financing tab under JDM Vehicles to fill out a request for a credit application.

Definitions of body condition shown on Diagram:

A1 scratch (fist size)U3 dent (larger than U2)P paint mark
A2 scratch (2 palms size)凹 dent W1 wavy panel (fine)C corrosion
A3 scratch (larger than A2)W2 wavy panel (visible)K flaw
B1 dent (thumb size)W3 wavy panel (conspicuous)M mark
B2 dent (palm size)R chip (repaired)B bend
B3 dent (larger than B2)RX chip (needs repair)△ panel repair
C1 corrosionY2 crack (palm size)S rust
C2 corrosion (hole)Y3 crack (bigger than Y2)BP panel repair
E tiny dentX need to replace大 large 中 middle  小 small
U1 dent (thumb size)XX replacedトビ石 stone chips
U2 dent (palm size)H holeキズ scratch